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Uruguay Dove Hunting

Hunt in Uruguay - High Volume Dove Hunting with Los Gauchos Outfitters


Upland Hunting

Add Perdiz hunting to your Uruguay dove hunt from May 1 to July 31.

The season is short but the Upland hunting in Uruguay is one of the best. Trained bird dogs and guides that assist in making this challenging but fun hunt a must do while in Uruguay.

High Volume Dove Hunting

Uruguay Dove Hunting

Uruguay dove hunting is high volume shooting available year round. Everyday is a good day, so make plans for Uruguay dove hunting.

You can dove hunt all day OR add dorado fishing or Upland hunting to your trip.

Dorado Fishing

Dorado Fishing

Add some casting to your dove hunting trip. Dorado fishing is unique to South America and a great fishing experience.

Enjoy fishing and dove hunting from October to April at the Mercedes Lodge.
Contact Los Gauchos today.

Dove Hunting Uruguay

Ask about our Father/Son Dove hunting special for 2016. Call Los Gauchos today (or send us an email).

EMAIL: info@losgauchos.com PHONE: 214.295.5281

Details for Uruguay Dove Hunt Father/Son Promo:

WHEN: from October (2016)to April (2017)

WHERE: Elena Lodge - about 1 hour from Montevideo, Uruguay (MVD) - and lots of doves in the area.

WHO: Father and Son (or daughter!) (son/daughter NO CHARGE - shells, license and gun rental are charged).

HOW MUCH?: $445/day (FATHER only!) - lodging, meals, beverages, ground transfer to/from MVD airport
license: $295/person (everyone who hunts), gun rental $60/day (you can bring guns into Uruguay - call us for details)
Shells: 20 ga $15/box

Enjoy this beautiful country that is right next door to Argentina. Same high volume doves year round. Easy to get to and get around this small country, but highly populated with doves!

High volume dove shooting in Uruguay. Uruguay dove hunting is quickly becoming the best dove hunt in South America. When is the best time? Right now - doves fly all year so anytime is a good time for Uruguay dove hunting.

Shoulder tired after 2 days of shooting more doves than you did all season last year in the US? Then take a 1/2 day or entire day to shoot Upland birds - Perdiz or fish for the unique Golden Dorado. Dorado fishing and Perdiz hunting can be added to your dove hunting trip.

Uruguay dove hunting is some of the best bird hunting on the map. You can dove hunt anytime of the year and there are NO limits - so shoot all day. The doves are over populated in South America and do damage to the crops. Yes, we do cook the doves and give plenty away to schools, churches, villages that can use these delicious source of protein. Our Mercedes Lodge is located northwest of Montevideo and sits on a large private ranch with roosts and flyways where doves fly all day.

The drive time to the shooting could be 4 minutes or could be 14 minutes - so short drive times to the high volume dove shooting. From May to July 31 you have the option of adding Perdiz hunting. Perdiz are similar to the quail in North America - a terrific Upland bird hunt with highly trained dogs and scouts that will make this a favorite bird hunt in Uruguay. Book this quick as the Perdiz season is short and the Mercedes Lodge is popular.

If you want to try dorado fishing - come on down to Uruguay. Dorado fishing along with dove hunting (Los Gauchos Cast and Blast) takes place between October and April. The dorado prefer and bite with warmer water temperatures so Los Gauchos offers the fishing from October to April.

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