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Uruguay dove hunting with Los Gauchos Outfitters is the best high volume dove hunt one will experience. Uruguay dove hunting, see why so many travel to Uruguay with Los Gauchos Outfitters. Dove hunting with endless volumes of doves each day and the option of Uruguay pigeon hunting or Uruguay Perdiz hunting. All this wingshooting from one lodge in Uruguay. And Los Gauchos has been in the business providing outstanding Uruguay dove hunting trips for over 9 years.

Check out the latest Uruguay bird hunting video with a highlight of DOVES! and Perdiz hunting in Uruguay - High volume doves and the work of the game bird dogs while Perdiz hunting - see it in action and pass it on. Share the story of hunting doves in South America. Uruguay dove hunting is a year round, no limit Uruguay bird hunting showdownand book it!

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Take advantage of this special dove hunt - Uruguay. The season is year round, the travel is handled by our office and service, accommodations, and of course the Uruguay dove hunting is amazing. With over 5 lodges throughout the northwest area of Uruguay (where the doves are...) Los Gauchos has a nice variety for choosing a dove hunting lodge and trip. All of the dove hunting in Uruguay can be combined with Perdiz hunting during the months of May - June - July. The rest of the year it all about the high volume of eared doves in Uruguay.

New on the South America dove hunting scene, Uruguay has become synonymous with the popular topic "high-volume dove hunting." Uruguay has a temperature range that allows grain crops such as wheat, sorghum, and corn to thrive on the high number of Uruguay ranches during the year.

The large high quality crops are a source of food supply for the doves. Combine this ideal environment with the scenic hills that offer roosting cover, produces a population of mourning doves estimated to be over 25 million birds. Uruguay doves do not migrate, the doves reproduce up to four times annually and this provides literally year-round shooting.

Uruguay is quickly becoming the legend for dove shooting packages and Los Gauchos Outfitters is committed to offering the highest quality dove hunting lodges and of course the best shooting for your dove hunting trip. All of our Uruguay dove hunting destinations have access to high volume dove shooting and you can expect to shoot about as much as you want to pull the trigger on your favorite shotgun. There are no shortage of crops or roosting areas - so Uruguay is full of doves and Los Gauchos Outfitters offers some of the best Uruguay dove hunting packages.

With Los Gauchos Outfitters, not only will you have the Uruguay bird hunt of a lifetime, you will find that every detail will be explained. Finally, the dove hunting lodges are excellent some of the finest accommodations in Uruguay.

Uruguay Dove Season Is Year Round - Any Month - ANy Day - Any week

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Uruguay Perdiz hunting can be added to your Uruguay dove hunting trip. May to July is Perdiz hunting season and Los Gauchos has access to the best fields the best trained dogs, and guides that will let you experience this Upland bird hunt anytime during the Uruguay Perdiz hunting season.

perdiz hunting uruguay

The Uruguay Perdiz hunting is a nice addition to the high volume Uruguay dove hunting. Taking a break from the load, reload, hot barreled shooting and walking the field with the assistance of a trained setter for the Uruguay Perdiz is a bird hunt not to miss. The season is limited for the Uruguay Perdiz; however, May through July, one can add the Perdiz hunting to the Uruguay dove hunting or Uruguay duck hunting and have a nice combination bird hunt.

Contact Los Gauchos today about Uruguay dove hunting packages and see why this small country has such great wingshooting opportunites.

Uruguay Bird Hunting Destinations


Uruguay Destinations with a variety of Bird Hunting options

To learn more about each Uruguay dove hunting lodge including photos of the lodge, a typical schedule, the price for dove hunting in Uruguay, just click on the LODGE name in the table above.

NEW! Los Gauchos now offers Uruguay dove hunting at the Estancia Mercedes. Luxury - yes! High volume - yes! Perdiz hunting - yes! Dorado fishing - yes! All of this and more at the Estancia Mercedes the NEW Los Gauchos Uruguay Dove Hunting Lodge.

Uruguay Dove Hunting Review

Often taking second seat to Argentina dove hunting, Uruguay is quickly approaching its big brother’s rear view window. The dove shooting volume in this little country is beyond comprehension for those who have yet been hunting in Argentina, or wingshooting in Uruguay.

The Uruguay hunting regulations permit unlimited shooting of doves and pigeons, making hunting Uruguay a wingshooting event on par with Argentina. This is good news, since the assault on hunting and gun ownership in the United States is a clear and present danger to our hunting future.

The dove roosts in the western portion of Uruguay are home to millions of doves. These doves feed in the sunflower fields by morning, and return to their roots or “montes” as they are often called in Spanish, to sleep. It is in this return where the excitement lies for the visiting wing shooter; these birds return by the tens of thousands, and without a good pair of shooting gloves, one will quickly remove the top layers of skin from ones fingers and thumbs from stuffing shells into the gun in short order—making shooting the following day very painful…so, yes Uruguay dove hunting trips are high volume.

Does burning through two thousand rounds of shells in a day sound like fun to you? Well, it is just another day at the office on a Uruguay Dove Hunt…fast and furious hot barreled action is the order of the day, and it does not stop until dark. Dove hunting outfitters in Uruguay typically provide at least one bird boy per shooter, and sometimes more, especially when a shooter brings more than one shotgun, and needs the services of a full time loader—guns can get hot, and depending on the temperature outside, it is best to rotate your shoguns in order to let the barrels cool down.


  • No Season - Available Anytime of the Year
  • No Limits - Shoot cases of shells - No stopping of the shooting
    • Uruguay Hunting Lodges and Estancias - First Class
    • Delicious Cuisine, Uruguay wine - all included
    • Top quality shotguns provided - included - no charge!
  • Flexibility with payment of shells - you will shoot a lot!

Uruguay Dove Hunting - Los Gauchos - Sets the Standard in Uruguay

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Uruguay Dove Hunting Video - High Volume Dove Shooting in Uruguay - Los Gauchos Outfitters

See the action of Uruguay and dove hunting. With Beretta's top shooter, Scott Robertson, and Marcus Luttrell, former Petty Officer First Class and United States Navy SEAL who received the NAVY CROSS for his actions with Operation Red Wing in 2005 fighting the Taliban. While a hero and author ("Lone Survivor"), Marcus, is a Texas born and bred bird hunter, and came to Uruguay to experience the dove hunting and Perdiz hunting that Los Gauchos has placed in the minds and maps of wing shooters.

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Dove hunting is an open sport in Uruguay…the hunting seasons in Uruguay, are liberal, and offers a never ending season on pigeons and doves. The federal government of this country understands that the production of agriculture is a very important part of their GNP, so dove hunting in Uruguay is actually encouraged.

For similar reasons, duck hunting in Uruguay is also encouraged. The rice country in the northern and eastern portions of Uruguay have long been some of the most productive waterfowl hunting areas in the world, but only in recent years has Uruguay hunting become the venue of choice for international bird hunters the world over. While the federal government in the United States of America is doing their darndest to regulate commercial hunting and fishing operators out of business, the opposite is happening in South America.

The hunting Uruguay offers is second to none, and one should certainly give it a try as a supplement to regular bird hunting in Argentina, or as a first time primer for South America dove hunting.